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Microsoft Learn Review

Microsoft has always been good at offering learning and tutorials for their software to get people in their products. However, with the market saturation on learning from online guides, YouTube videos and professionally taught courses such as those found at LinkedIn learning or Udemy, Microsoft has had to up their game a bit.

Welcome to Microsoft Learn, the new learning platform for Microsoft's current prominent software. The quality of learning involved is the kind of package you'd expect to see behind a pay wall. So why offer this kind of thing to the public at no cost? It's investment.

Similar to the learning options you'd find on Coursera or Skillshare, Microsoft has laid out all over their learning by pathways, skill sets and job roles. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to pop in quickly and start building the skills they want at their own pace.

The step by step format with direct application of the learning target at the point of need is great. The platform allows for learner discovery around a set wire-frame of guidance. The console allows you to also go steps beyond what you are learning at that point, supporting user centered learning. It did however strike me as very familiar in look at feel to that of CodeAcademy.

The format has been used (and done in more detail) in many code learning sites and apps like Khan Academy and SoloLearn. The specific software skills for the likes of Azure and 365 are really well done and aimed at advanced professionals. The idea is to skill up the current admins and professionals to the latest software so businesses can quickly pick up the new products and Microsoft can get a sale.

So overall, if you're looking to keep up with the newest software, check out Microsoft Learn. If you're out to pick up generalist coding and computing skills, give some of the others a try.

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